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Flute Instructor, Fountain School of Performing Arts,  Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Intermediate (RCM Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8):  $80 a lesson

Advanced students (RCM Grades 9, 10 & ARCT):  $100 a lesson.



Discount rates on a student-by-student basis are available depending upon financial need. All students welcome.


Email: to arrange a date and time.  

Rates negotiable.


Email: to arrange a date and time over the APP's Zoom for video, and Cleanfeed for audio.

Payment:  via email transfer to


MASTERCLASS:  Scotia Festival

Dalhousie Arts Centre

Thursday, May 30, 2019



It is my pleasure to endorse Patricia Creighton as an esteemed artist and mentor. Her craft is informed by study with many masters, and through her generous instruction I feel I have inherited a legacy of flute playing. Her distinguished career is a testimony to her commitment to excellence; her high personal standards inspired and empowered me to pursue my own success. Patricia's investment in my potential has deeply enriched my understanding of music, and informs the instruction of my own students and ensembles. For Patricia's guidance and expertise, I am tremendously grateful. 

Claire Ahern



I had the pleasure of studying with Patty for one year in the Advanced- Applied Study course at Dalhousie University. During my year with her, my approach to flute performance developed and I felt more prepared to enter the arena of professional music performance. Not only was this a feeling, but it was proven by my acceptance to the Masters of Music program at the University of Toronto. 

-Cherise Roberts (flutist)

Patty Creighton has been an instructor for several years for my woodwind repertoire class.  She continues to impress me with her commitment.  She generously shares her knowledge and musical expertise with all of us (flutists, oboists, clarinetists) and her classes are always energetic, unique and challenging.  Above all else, she seems very committed to guiding us all to be better musicians and she holds faith that we can continue to improve, and every so often she delights and inspires us by playing a piece from the flute repertoire.

- Nina Woulff (oboist)

Patty is an amazing teacher, she knows how to deal with any problem and correct any bad habits. Her musicality and expression has helped me develop more as a flutist and a person, taking that expression and using it in everything. What makes her teaching special is her passion in lessons, that passion is reflected in her students. In a sense, she hits close to home in everything she says, her will to blossom others is immense.

- Lincoln Heisler (flutist)

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